Topsoil - $35.99 per yd

The Screened Earth

Do You Deliver?

We do not offer delivery.

What is a "Yard"?

A yard typically fits in the back of a small pickup truck and covers about 100 sq ft. putting it down 3" deep

Do the colorized mulches really last longer?

Yes, they do, up to 3X as more color endurance than traditional hardwood

Outdoor/Raised Bed Planting Mix

$79.99 per yard

Composted Pine Bark, Peat Moss, Vermiculite, Sand 


$25.99 per yard

We do not Have Rock

$44.99 per cu. yard

Mushroom Compost

Consists of Dried, Composted Horse manure, wheat straw and Peat Moss


This product is great for the "base" of your raised bed.  Its basically composted mulch thats been on the bottom of the pile and then we stockpile it

$25.99per yd

Chicken Litter

Application Rates:

5lbs per 100 sq. feet

2cups per cu ft of soil

7lbs per yard (A 4x8 bin holds about a yd.

1/2 yd = 13 cu ft.

3-4 lbs per 1/2 yard

500 lbs - 1/2 yd = 10,000sq ft

2 tons - per acre = 4 yards per acre

1 yard per 10,000sq ft