Hardwood Mulch

$29.99 per cu yd.

Black Mulch

$35.99 per cu. yd

Red Mulch

$35.99 per cu. yd.

Pinestraw $7.99

per 4.5 cu ft. bale

Brown Mulch

$35.99 per cu. yd.


A very popular alternative if you like rich, dark colors. Colorized with 100% vegetable dyes, color enhanced mulches will not harm plants or the environment

Cypress Mulch

$35.99 per cu.yd.

Our #1 Seller. Hardwood Mulch is 100% All Natural, wood bark. It fades quicker that colorized, but it decomposes quickly to add nutrients back to the soil

Great contrast with green plants.

Do You Deliver?

We will not be offering delivery service in the Spring 0f 2023

Cypress Mulch in naturally rot and insect resistant, making it a great choice for playgrounds and landscapes where durability is key.

What is a "Yard"?

Its a volume of measurement, but in real life terms...a yard typically fits in the back of a small pickup truck and covers about 100 sq ft. putting it down 3" deep.

Do the colorized mulches really last longer?

Yes, they do, up to 3X as more color endurance than traditional hardwood